Stress, Stress, Stress

Tonight was the first night this week i was able to come home to stay the night all week. I had to write a program i didnt understand in C, then one in Assembly and study for a quiz in Assembly and a test in Circuitry(the class i failed twice already) and i’ve been worrying about money and my roommate has people over late at night and i cant sleep well very often. i wake up in the middle of the night and i cant get back to sleep or im uncomfortable and i feel stressed so i cant relax.

I’m starting to forget what its like to kiss someone and what its like to be held and i really could use that comfort. last weekend i went over to some friends’ and watched a movie which helped a bit. im just so busy that i at least dont get lonely like i used to…as much.

Seriously though my roommate needs to get a second job so he can pay me back. He’s such a slacker, he doesnt try.